For those of you just tuning in…

…which ought to be all of you, since this is my very first post, Welcome!

Future posts will clarify my current mission, but let’s start with a little background for said mission:

  • I recently finished the initial draft of my first novel. I’m quite proud of it, and I expect to be writing about its process from this point forward through the time it’s released. A synopsis can be found on the RELEASE page on this site.
  • I intend to make fiction writing my full-time career. To that end, I conceived the idea for a second novel. Compared to the 5+ years that the first was embryonic, this baby’s gestation has already been lightning-quick by comparison. The synopsis of DECORUM can be found here.
  • This will be a forum through which I will showcase my work and seek input and feedback.

This is where you come in!

I hope that – with your help – enough insightful, opinionated people can be directed here and help assemble the wealth of information and constructive criticism it will take to make the stories I tell believable, relevant, and compelling.

I look forward to the conversation!


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1 Response to For those of you just tuning in…

  1. Joanie Davies says:

    I truly enjoyed reading RELEASE and feel privileged to be one of the early readers! Looking forward to watching your success unfurl AND the next book! You go Girl!

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